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Get Your Dentures Cleaned in Our Winnipeg Clinic

While oral hygiene may not seem as important as it used to be to denture patients, it’s still something that requires thoughtful time and attention on a daily basis. Whether they have dentures or not, seniors actually have more harmful bacteria lurking in their mouths than that of younger people. When dentures are not properly cared for, it can cause mouth sores, leukoplakia and a host of other painful oral conditions for the denture wearer. Therefore, denture patients need to remember to brush their dentures daily, as well as soak them overnight in a specially formulated denture-soaking solution in order to combat harmful bacteria. And much like you would regularly visit your dentist for professional teeth cleaning appointments, you’ll need to regularly visit Eden Denture Clinic for professional denture cleaning in Winnipeg.

Tips for Cleaning Dentures at Home
Here are some tips for successfully cleaning your dentures in-between regular visits to our Winnipeg clinic:

  • You should always carefully rinse your dentures after eating. By putting a towel or water in the sink, you can protect your dentures from breaking should you accidentally drop them into the sink. Remember that hot water can warp or damage your dentures.
  • You should brush your dentures at least once daily, just like you would your natural teeth. This ensures food, plaque and other deposits aren’t lurking below the surface. You should brush them with a special denture cleanser (not toothpaste). However, never use a denture cleanser with your dentures still inside your mouth. You should also avoid abrasive cleaning materials (harsh toothpastes, stiff brushes or strong cleansers), products containing bleach and whitening toothpastes. 
  • You should soak your dentures in a denture-soaking solution overnight. This helps keep them moist so they can retain their basic shape.
  • You should always rinse your dentures before putting them back inside your mouth and clean your mouth every time you remove them. This will help you remove any harmful chemicals from the denture-soaking solution and keep your mouth (tongue, cheeks, roof, etc.) as clean as possible.
  • Always handle your dentures with caution. By not bending or damaging the plastic or clasps on them, you will ensure a longer lifespan for your dentures.
  • Schedule regular dental checkups so you can ensure a proper fit and that the inside of your mouth is healthy. Should you ever experience a loose or uncomfortable fit, contact your dentist immediately.

Contact Us for Denture Cleaning in Winnipeg
If you fail to get your dentures cleaned professionally, it can lead to tartar build-up just like your natural teeth. Tartar build-up is usually too difficult for people to remove on their own and can lead to unsightly dentures and several painful conditions. It’s also important to get your mouth examined regularly to check for infections, mouth sores and oral cancer at its earliest stages.

Whenever you need professional denture cleaning in Winnipeg to remove your plaque and tartar build-ups, be sure to call Eden Denture Clinic. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about proper denture care. Remember, the longer you go without a professional denture cleaning, the more at risk your dentures and overall oral health may be.

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