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Denture Adjustments Available in Winnipeg

To maintain your new smile after receiving partial dentures or implant dentures, you’ll need to schedule regular dental visits and checkups. Over time your jawbone can move and change. To ensure the proper fit of your dentures without pain or difficulty chewing, you’ll need to periodically get denture adjustments.

Why Reline Your Dentures?

The bones in your mouth move and change over time, causing your dental implants to suddenly feel tight or uncomfortable. To allow for proper chewing, speaking and smiling you’ll need to have your denture adjusted to keep up with the shift in your jawbone. If your denture is not relined, it can contribute to the wearing down of your bone and gums more quickly. This erosion can be minimized by relining your dentures.

Types of Denture Relines

There are two types of denture relines: hard and soft. The first step of having your dentures adjusted is to get an impression of your mouth. When this has hardened it will be used to create the base for your dentures. In a hard denture reline, the impression is replaced with hard acrylic that perfectly forms to your mouth. You’ll want a hard reline every two years as it provides the most hold.

Soft denture relines are used for patients whose gums are too sensitive for a hard reline. Instead of hard acrylic, we’ll use a softer and more flexible material for the base of your dentures. To maintain the proper fit of your dentures, and due to the malleable nature of soft relines, you’ll need to get your dentures adjusted more frequently.

No matter what type of dentures or mouth sensitivity you have, Eden Denture Clinic is here to help you have the perfectly aligned smile you’re looking for. Call us today to set up a denture relining appointment.

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