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Find Denture Repair Services in Winnipeg

While made sturdy, dentures are delicate appliances. Your partial dentures can be easily broken if they are dropped onto a hard bathroom floor or porcelain sink while you are cleaning them, while your implant dentures can become cracked or chipped from the repeated chewing of tough foods over time. If you continue to use your dentures with these problems, they can become useless and expensive to repair. Prevent expensive, multi-step repairs or replacement dentures with regular checkups and frequent denture repairs. While accidents may happen, you can increase the lifespan of your dentures by taking good care of them.

Loose-fitting dentures or misaligned dentures can cause stress that can lead to breakage if you ignore it. Any time you notice discomfort in your mouth or a chip in one of your teeth, you should make an appointment at Eden Denture Clinic for reliable denture repair services in Winnipeg. No matter how major or minor your denture repair may be, we offer many repair options depending upon the problem with your dentures. If your denture has broken into several pieces, be sure to bring all the pieces in. With the right techniques, we can fix even multiple cracks in your broken denture. Broken dentures can be repaired by replacing the affected area(s) with new acrylic materials.

Denture Relines for a Comfortable Fit and Feel
In addition to emergency denture repairs, we are also capable of providing denture relines to ensure a comfortable fit and feel. Over time, it’s natural for the shape of your mouth and jaw to change. Therefore, it’s natural for your dentures to require the occasional realignment – typically at least once every two years. Getting a denture reline will help keep your dentures functional and secure. Denture relining is a relatively simple procedure that can be completed same-day in some cases.

A denture reline can be considered soft or hard, depending upon how it’s performed on your denture. A soft reline can be done chairside so that you won’t be without your denture at all. However, it might require multiple visits and relines because of its soft, porous nature. A hard reline requires more time to complete because it’s usually sent out to a lab to redo the hardened denture base material. This means you will be without your denture for a period, but it should last longer than a soft reline overall.

Have a Broken Denture in Winnipeg? Bring It to Eden Denture Clinic!

Has your pet chewed your partial dentures? Have you accidentally run over your dentures with a car? If you have a broken denture in Winnipeg and are unsure what to do, don’t fret! Call Eden Denture Clinic to schedule an appointment or just walk in and we will do our best to accommodate you with same-day denture repair services. Our denture clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure efficient denture repairs, done while you wait in some cases. When it comes to a broken denture, don’t delay with denture repairs. Bring them in immediately!.

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