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3 Differences Between Conventional and Cosmetic Dentures

When it comes to dentures, there are a lot of options out there. Consulting your dentist, as well as conducting research on your own time, will help you figure out which kind of denture is right for you. 

One major decision that needs to be made is whether to opt for conventional or cosmetic dentures. Both can be extremely beneficial, but it’s important to understand the differences between them before deciding which type will best meet your needs. Here are three key ways cosmetic and conventional dentures differ.

1. Tooth-shape

While both cosmetic and traditional dentures are tailored to fit each individual comfortably, cosmetic dentures take personalization to another level by factoring in the importance of tooth-shape. Cosmetic dentures take into account the shape and placement of your natural teeth, so not only will your dentures fit your mouth comfortably and naturally, but your smile will suit your face perfectly!

2. Colour and surface texture
Since cosmetic dentures place more importance on esthetic appeal than conventional dentures, a lot of time and effort is put into making them look natural and attractive. The result is a bright smile that, thanks to the use of surface texture and colour, no one will be able to guess isn’t made up of your natural teeth. This is one way cosmetic dentures provide you with an extra boost of confidence.

3. Materials used
Another important difference to note when considering the two types of dentures is the materials they’re made of. Traditional dentures can be constructed from a wide variety of materials including porcelain, acrylic and metal. Our cosmetic dentures are made exclusively of acrylic resin or nanohybrid composites, which not only adds to their natural appearance, but gives them extra resistance against chipping, cracking and general wear and tear.

Cosmetic dentures in Winnipeg
If cosmetic dentures sound like something you would be interested in, be sure to schedule a consultation with Eden Denture Clinic in Winnipeg. Of course, cosmetic dentures are just one of our many offerings—if you’re in need of dentures, keep in mind that we also provide denture implants. Additionally, we’re happy to help you with any upkeep, including denture cleaning, relines and repairs. Contact us to make an appointment today!

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