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When Should I Consider Implant Dentures?

Deciding to get dentures can be daunting. It’s a major commitment and will change your life in a lot of different ways. Typically, people eligible for dentures have either lost teeth or will almost certainly lose teeth in the near future. Dentures can, however, be a good idea for people whose dental problems make it difficult to do ordinary tasks, such as eating, or feel too embarrassed to participate in social activities because of their teeth. For these people, dentures can give them back their smile. Talk to your local denturist to find out if implant dentures are the right kind of denture for you.

What are implant dentures, exactly?

All dentures are false teeth and gums that either complete any gaps in or entirely replace your natural teeth. As opposed to partial dentures, which fill in the gaps in your normal teeth, implant dentures are a full set of false teeth. Dental implants can only be done when you have lost all of your teeth, and are therefore an extreme option if you still have most of your teeth. Implant dentures are a form of denture anchored in the mouth by dental implants that are fixed directly to your jawbone. There are actually two different kinds of implant denture: bar-retained and ball-retained dentures.

While both forms of implant dentures are ultimately attached to your jawbone, bar-retained dentures have several implants attached by a metal bar. Your set of dentures is then attached to this bar to firmly secure it in your mouth. With ball-retained dentures, on the other hand, your dentures are fixed directly to the set of dental implants in your jaw.

Like other dentures, you shouldn’t sleep with implant dentures in and you should be sure to thoroughly clean them each day. Unlike more common forms of denture, implant dentures complete your smile but are much less likely to ever fall out when you don’t want them to.

Where can I learn more about implant dentures?

If you’re in the Winnipeg area, you can learn more about implant dentures and all your other denture options at Eden Denture Clinic. Our denturist, Ernie Mikos, has been practicing since 1996 and can provide you with all the answers you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or just learn more about what we do.

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