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When do Dentures Need Repair?

The exact number and types of repairs your dentures may need vary widely depending on what kind of dentures you have, how well you care for them, and the uses you put them to in your daily life. Even if you take perfect care of your dentures and nothing is broken, every full denture should be replaced every five to seven years.

Modern dentures are typically made out of tough materials. Most commonly, the teeth themselves are made of either ceramic or a durable kind of plastic. The teeth are typically set in a bed of acrylic resin that mimics the look of your gum line. Depending on your exact situation, there may be more elements to the framework to keep everything together and in the right place. Frameworks can be made of anything from more acrylic resin to nylon to some kinds of metal.

What should I look out for to know if I have a broken denture?

Although dentures are usually made to last, they’re designed for a specific job: replacing your teeth. In other ways, they can be quite fragile so you should be careful when handling them. Typically, dentures can become broken in two ways: they can break into pieces or become chipped due to some kind of accident (also known as an impact fracture), or they can slowly bend out of their proper shape due to daily use.

When dentures break into pieces due to an accident or become chipped after biting into hard food, it’s fairly obvious what’s happened. To prevent this from occurring you should always handle your dentures over a towel or other softer surface so that they won’t break if you do drop them. Dentures can often be slipperier than you expect. Be sure, however, to never attempt to repair dentures on your own. They’re sensitive objects that require specialized equipment and expertise to fix.

The other reason dentures need repair is if small impacts occur, either from normal daily use or a series of small fractures that build up. These micro-fractures can build up over time and cause your dentures to either break completely or simply be slightly out of alignment with one another. If your dentures are out of alignment, they may become less comfortable to wear. Furthermore, wearing dentures that are broken will only exacerbate the problem and make repairs more costly.

Who can help me fix my broken denture?

Just like natural teeth, you should have a professional examine your dentures at least every six months. At Eden Denture Clinic in Winnipeg, our friendly and expert staff can help you with any broken denture problem you may have. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

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