Do you need partial dentures?

Are gaps in your smile making you feel self-conscious? Even if you don’t mind having a few missing teeth, it’s important to fill the gaps in your smile before they negatively impact your dental health.

What are partial dentures?

If you’ve had teeth fall out due to an accident or poor oral hygiene, they can be replaced with partial dentures—removable prosthetics that clip onto your remaining teeth. If your remaining teeth aren’t strong enough to hold the device, or if there’s not enough of them, denture implants in your jawbone can be used to securely hold your new teeth in place.

Why do I need to replace my teeth?
If you’re still not sure, here are a few ways missing teeth can cause you problems and why it’s important to replace them:

  •  It’s harder to eat
    The main reason you have teeth is so you can chew your food. With every tooth you lose, 10% of your ability to chew food decreases.

  • Your teeth may move
    When you lose one or more teeth, neighbouring teeth may start to shift into the now empty space, increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Your face can change
    Lack of teeth can cause you to lose bone density in your jaw. This makes your bones smaller and changes the appearance of your face, making it look sunken and older.

  • To keep away harmful bacteria
    It’s already hard to keep your mouth perfectly clean and the gap left by missing teeth makes it even more difficult. Bacteria love to live in the dark holes left behind and cause gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

  • To avoid dental discomfort
    The temporomandibular joints are where your jaw connects to the rest of your skull. Losing teeth changes how your mouth moves and can create a problem in these joints called temporomandibular joint disorder, which causes severe jaw pain and headaches.

If you’ve always thought of dentures as a full set of teeth that fall out when your grandma laughs, rest assured that that’s not the case any more. Technology has changed, and there’s a strong chance that many people you know have partial dentures and denture implants—you probably see them all the time and don’t even notice.

With two locations in Winnipeg to serve you, the friendly staff at Eden Denture Clinic will be glad to help you decide if partial dentures or denture implants are right for you. We’ve been helping Winnipeg residents choose the right denture option for over 25 years. Call us now to make an appointment.
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