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How Do I Take Proper Care of My Dentures?

For many people, getting a set of dentures can be a great relief and a great improvement to their lives. At the same time, like your natural teeth, dentures are a responsibility. Both partial and full dentures can and should be removed every day before you sleep and require cleaning to keep them working as well as the day you got them. Plaque and tartar will still be problems for your dentures and should be prevented from accumulating.

Here are a few tips for your denture cleaning routine:

  • Remove and rinse your dentures after meals. Try to clean any debris that may still be attached to them.
  • Although they’re tough in some respects, you should still handle your dentures with care. Be careful not to bend them when you’re cleaning them. It would be a good idea to place a towel under them when in the bathroom to avoid dropping them on hard surfaces.
  • Be sure to thoroughly brush and rinse your mouth, even if you don’t have any of your original teeth. You still need to prevent as much accumulation of bacteria as possible, even if you have dentures.
  • Brush dentures daily, as you would your natural teeth. Additionally, you should soak your dentures in nonabrasive denture cleanser and clean any dental adhesive from them regularly. Don’t use any denture cleanser in your mouth, however.
  • Soak your dentures overnight; most kinds of denture need to remain moist to retain their shape.
  • Dentures should fit snugly. If there’s any looseness you should see your local denturist.

In addition to the things you should do every day to keep your dentures in working order, there are a few things you should never do. Never use whitening toothpaste or any other product with abrasives in it to get stains off of your dentures. Whitening toothpastes usually contain little particles that rub normal teeth to remove stains. This material can harm dentures significantly. Similarly, you should not use bleach or very hot water in your denture cleaning routine.

Even if you do everything right when cleaning your dentures, normal wear-and-tear can still affect them. It’s best to regularly see your denturist, just as you would your dentist, to have a professional make sure that everything is as it should be. Contact us at Eden Denture Clinic today to find out more about how to properly care for your dentures or schedule an appointment for any other denture-related issue.

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